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About Sheec

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S – Stylish
H – Hidden
E – Essential
E – Easy
C – Comfortable 


Sheec® (pronounced as chic) is a registered New York based brand of D'aht World, Inc, and it is a brand catering to chic women, men, and children who have been looking for sock solutions that will allow them to be chic, yet comfortable, all the time. Sheec socks are developed with five key elements in mind.

  • They're stylish on their own, but also support your style.
  • They're hidden beauties through their technical design
  • They're essential to your everyday lifestyle
  • They're an easy enhancement to your wardrobe
  • They're comfortable for all day wear

Its basic premise is rooted in love, as Sheec® was founded by a husband in 2012, as his wife, a strong woman working on Wall Street, became pregnant with their first child. More than ever, she needed a comfortable sock that would add to her chic look, not detract from it. Despite living in New York, a fashion capital of the world, there was no such sock to be found. So while looking forward to the birth of their first child together, an unexpected birth came first: the birth of Sheec®. Ever since its foundation, the brand's key focus has been to allow people to be chic in their everyday styles by wearing Sheec®.