The Secret to No Worries

No Show Socks are not really new. Conceptually, they're great. They're supposed to be the hero to all feet. However, often times than not, they end up being the annoying sidekick.

As a company that started out as a no show sock company, we get it. It's ridiculously difficult to get a low cut sock to fit comfortable and stay on. And the lower the cut, the harder it is to make the sock comfortably and stay on. Some other brands may even say that it's impossible.

However, as a brand that succeeded in developing the lowest cut to stay on most feet with the SoleHugger Secret and SoleHugger Secret SHEER, we felt that we could discover the secret (pun intended) to the ultimate no show sock. The sock that you really don't have to worry about at all, whether it's slipping off, showing, or being uncomfortable.

Well we've finally done it. Our SoleHugger Secret 2.0 is 4 years in the making. Technically, its 7 years in the making since we've constantly been working on improving the SoleHugger Secret since day 1, but who's counting.

The SoleHugger Secret 2.0 is not only the lowest cut to be designed, it is also the most comfortable sock. And most importantly, it isn't the annoying sidekick you have to keep pulling up, but the true hero that will stay on your feet.

Check out all the secret features on our Kickstarter Campaign!


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