Your new favorite venue could be hiding in your own building

Every month in 500 rooms in 300 cities around the world, about 25,000 lucky concert-lovers get to experience a secret intimate show in a surprise location. With maybe a few beers in their hands, these live music advocates arrive to a destination they were only aware of 24 hours prior, and see for the first time the roster of great artists they will be listening to that night. This donation based event that goes by the name of Sofar Sounds (standing for Songs OF A Room) started in 2010 when marketing consultant Rafe Offer and singer song-writer David J. Alexander were annoyed by people drinking and speaking over live music at a venue in London. They didn’t feel that the music was getting the respect it deserved. (Kind of like how we didn’t think socks were getting the respect they deserved!) This is how they decided to start hosting intimate music shows for their friends in their living rooms. They realized that this warm and intimate environment was exactly what live music needed, and it stimulates audiences to be comprised mostly of genuine music lovers, which makes this hidden experience even more special.

Click here to find out more about how to attend a show in your city, play a show around the world, or host one of these secret events in your living room!


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