Meaningful intentions

Each letter of the word SHEEC (pronounced as chic) stands for 5 key elements of the brand: Stylish, Hidden, Essential, Easy, Comfortable. At Sheec, our socks are not just socks. They have a HIDDEN beauty to them, and what you see is just a portion of what you are getting. Our no-show socks are not just about not being seen, but they’re designed to be mindful of the shoes you’re wearing. After all, the biggest reason why you need socks in the first place is because of your shoes: you want to protect them, and you want to protect your feet from them. Additionally, our show-off socks are designed to be shown off! If your socks are going to be seen, we are giving you a reason why. To top it off, ALL of our socks are designed with the consumer's comfort in mind. High quality fabrics, the perfect elasticity to snuggle your feet, easy-to-wear designs, and other characteristics makes our socks your feet's best friends.

We think about socks, so that you don’t have to; that’s the beauty of it.

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