Essential Tips for a Sweeter Halloween

Halloween is a very special time in New York City. It’s fun for people of all ages when Brooklyn brownstones and Upper East Side stoops get embellished by their owners with carved pumpkins, fake spider webs, witches, and monsters. The dog costume parade and competition in Tompkins Square and the Halloween Parade in West Village are staples worth fighting the cold for. Seeing a dog-Andy-Warhol or a flash mob of zombies dancing to Thriller or doing the Time Warp is really priceless. Be prepared to be on your feet and on the move, following the parade or trick-or-treating around your neighborhood. And let’s not forget the candy! Big bags of candy start showing up in the check out of every store, getting ready to be distributed between miniature versions of Disney or Star Wars characters, history figures, and maybe even celebrities, that will ring your bell with a bag of candy in one hand and probably holding their parents hand with the other.

Here are this year’s essential tips for a sweeter Halloween!
  • carved Pumpkins
  • fake spider webs and spooky things for your door
  • costumes are mandatory
  • a few bags of candy! You can get something chocolaty, or chewy, it’s your choice. But hey, candy corn never fails
  • a spooky smile!
  • comfortable Sheec socks for the whole family on the move

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