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The Best New York City Sneaker Brands for Men and Women

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And the best way to weat them

In New York City everyone is from somewhere else. True New Yorkers seem to be a minority, almost hidden. Likewise, finding authentic NYC brands is roughly an odyssey, but we found them, and it was worth the effort. With barely any investment in advertising, these NYC hidden gems reflect true New Yorkers’ lifestyle: classic, practical, versatile, timeless, quiet, made with extreme attention to detail and unique in their designs and business strategies. The hidden beauty of these brands, what makes them gems is that behind the scenes, these brands strive to consolidate their business and offer products positioned half way between luxury shoes and accessible sneakers, a dream value proposition that resonates with the Sheec brand, striving to bring you premium quality at affordable prices. To discover these shoe brands you have to be a real sneaker-head, or be best friends with one, or just a reader of this blog. So what are these hidden gems? They are Greats, Common Projects and THEY. With integrated production sourced in the basis of their design inspiration –Japanese architecture or Italian traditional shoemaking- they let the products speak for themselves and became NYC cult, instagram-worthy brands. Discover these NYC hidden gems and rock them with our Solehugger Active no-show sock!

Sheec from the Story
Women's Solehugger Active Pop Combo Mannequin
Women's SoleHugger Active
Men's Solehugger Active Pop Combo Mannequin
Men's SoleHugger Active

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