12 Days of Loving

As days start getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, we know that everyone’s favorite time of the year is approaching. It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just getting together with your loved ones under no religious flag, everyone takes these days to honor the same universal hidden values in their own way. The last two weeks of December are all about love and sharing, taking a break to reflect about the past year and gain a positive and loving attitude for the year to come. Families and friends gather around delicious meals, candles, and gifts, listening to Christmas songs, sharing smiles, kisses and hugs. Everyone finds something special in the holidays and, honestly, we can’t wait until the 25th! So we are starting our 12 days of Christmas, giving you a different Christmas deal every day leading up to the 25th for your favorite individual Sheec styles. Check out our special 12 Days of Deals every day until Christmas to find great deals on your staple Sheec products.


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